Lulu’s Playtime Tips, Part 1: Seize the High Ground

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! You may remember that not long ago we hosted my little friend Penny for part of the day. It turned out that was just a dry run for a longer visit from Penny, while her family visited their family in another part of the country. That gave us plenty more time to run around and play, which was fun for me, and beneficial for you, friendlies, because I have compiled some playtime tips that may help you out when playing with someone bigger or smaller than you. And my first tip is: Seize the high ground. My assistant Penny will demonstrate.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Great Divide


Dada’s not-so-wordless note: Dennis’s appetite appears to be slowly returning, as he continues to eat small servings of boiled white tripe and his new prescription kibble, Ultamino by Royal Canin, a food with a small molecular weight that is supposed to provoke less reaction in dogs with IBD. (Dennis can no longer tolerate his previous prescription kibble.) Ultamino is a fairly new product, and is so out of stock everywhere that even Dennis’s vet couldn’t order it, Chewy and PetFlow didn’t have any, and people were trying to sell it on Amazon for close to $200 for a 19-pound bag. At least the $200 included shipping. Fortunately we managed to scrounge up several 9-pound bags from a couple of local PetSmarts. Dennis’s recheck is this afternoon, after which we will hopefully have a better idea what is going on with him, but for now he does seem to be on the mend from his weekend bout of vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia.