Lulu’s Lyrics: Smelly Something (Roll Around In It)

Lulu: “Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Since, as you may have noticed, we are back on a daily posting schedule for now, Dada said I could take Sunday to post a little something.”
Chaplin: “How come you get Sunday instead of us? We were here before you.”
Lulu: “You already have Caturday Matinee.”
Chaplin: “But sometimes you crash our Caturday Matinee and call it Dogurday Matinee.”
Lulu: “And here you are crashing my very first Sunday post. See how that works?”
Chaplin: “I guess …”

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The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

So here’s a little ditty that, unlike most of the tunes I serenade (read: torture) the animals with, cannot be sung to the cat. (Well, I guess it could, but it would lose a little something if “dog” were changed to “cat”.)

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The Bow Wow Wow Wow Song

Most songs are three to four minutes long, and of course I’m not going to stand around singing to the dogs for that long. (I do have important things to do, after all, like, um … well, okay, I don’t really have anything important to do.) Usually when I treat one of the animals to a serenade, I just take the catchiest part of the song, or the part that’s easiest to rework into something pet-appropriate. Here’s a little ditty that can be used with any of the beasts with minor modifications, because all their names happen to be two syllables long. (When used with Trouble the cat, “bow wow wow wow” would become “meow meow meow”, of course.)

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The Booja-Boo Song

A while back I mentioned the grotty songs that I serenade the animals with, and even farther back, I mentioned that one of Dennis’s nicknames is Booja-Booja-Boo.  Naturally this leads to the Booja-Boo song, which is, of course, sung to the tune of the theme from “Scooby-Doo”.

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The Kitty Song

So just in case you think we’re discriminating against the cat by not singing to her (or perhaps that we’re discriminating against the dogs by singing to them), let me alleviate your concern by presenting The Kitty Song.  This is to the tune of “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.  It can, of course, be applied (with minor modification) to any two-syllable pet, but around here, it’s usually used to serenade Trouble the cat as she hides in her box like a hermit.

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The Rooster Song

A while back, I mentioned that we (and by we I mean me) like to sing silly tunes to our animals.  Here’s an example of a little ditty with which I often serenade Tucker.  This is to the tune of “Luka” by Suzanne Vega off the album “Solitude Standing“.  That’s right, I’ve turned a wrenching song about child abuse into a song about my dog …

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Hing A Hong

So, having earlier embarrassed myself by listing the silly nicknames we have for the animals, I thought I would humiliate myself further by admitting that I also sing to them.

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