The Boys Are Back In Town

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galaksee kwest!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel my last ekspedishun to owter spayse may hav sort of ended with me gitting baykd into a potato and droppd frum orbit but never feer i am not giving up!!!  this time i am planning ahedd chek it owt!!!

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urjent reply agin!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so wile i am stil trapd in the boiler rum with my noo frend the boiler rum broker wile owtside the mini macgyvers continyoo to run wild that duz not meen i am resting on my laurel and hardies!!!  no in fakt i am hard at wurk helping my noo frend the boiler rum broker drum up investers for my pig powders bizness now the broker askd me if i had enny frends or relativs wot mite want to invest but unfortchoonatly my frends and relativs ar mostly dogs and kitties and stuffies nun of wich ar noted for having lardj sums of cash lying arownd to invest so yoo no wot that meens!!!  it is time to turn wunse agin to my old buddies the african bankers!!!

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The Wrath of Kong

What began as a quest to find the Kong of the Gods has led me into the midst of a battle between two starship captains, each with a will of iron, each commanding one of the most advanced war machines in the galaxy. My training as an archeologist never prepared me for anything like this.

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