kreetchers of nite brawt to lite!!! or dark as the kayse may be!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay chek owt wot wuz going on owtside owr howse the other nite!!! warning this may set yore dogs off if yoo hav dogs!!! and if yoo do not hav dogs maybe yoo wud like to borro my cranky brother tucker for a wile??? ha ha just kidding mama sez i am not allowd to sell or rent tucker owt ennymore krool krool mama ok ennyway heer is the viddyo!!!

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Children of the Night

For this one, you don’t really need to pay close attention to the video. Just turn the sound up. Way up. And apologize to your dogs in advance.

This was going on outside our house just before 10pm.  (All our animals were safely inside the fence!)

Why So Spooky?

So today, just this afternoon, Dennis has started acting all weird and spooky.  He keeps wanting to go outside and hide under the shifflera tree, he jumped into the bathtub of his own accord, he keeps running around looking at the ceiling, he won’t eat a pig ear or a trachea, and he’s following my wife around like a shadow (which he doesn’t usually do — that’s Tucker’s job).  We’re baffled as to why he’s acting so strange.  There was a fire on the other side of the ridge on Camp Pendleton, but as per usual the Marines put it right out (their artillery starts a lot of fires so they’re really good at snuffing them).  So what’s the deal?

My wife has decided that Dennis is predicting an earthquake. So if Southern California starts rocking in the next day or so, you read it here first!

Or he could just be looking for ninja hedgehogs