Bye Bye Big Dog

Lulu: “… and so please let us apologize once again for the confusion about your stuffies, Mr. Giant Dog, sir.”
Chaplin (whispering): “Don’t forget to ask him about the bacon.”
Java Bean (whispering): “If you want to know about bacon, you come out here and ask him.”
Big Dog: “I can hear you whispering.”

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Lulu’s Life Tip: You Can Learn A Lot By Smelling The Wind

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Last month, we had a pretty big wind storm here in San Diego County. While Mama and Dada were mostly concerned with the damage the wind was doing—for instance, it destroyed Mama’s plumeria shelter that Dada made, which, to be honest, was not exactly the sturdiest thing in the world—I was mostly interested in all the fascinating smells is brought in from far away. Have a look, not to mention a listen!

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