loot frum belgium!!! but not chocolates!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel this has ben a gud week for loot!!! first flat tony gayv me sum buks to reed and then i got a packadj in the mayl frum my frends el’bow and hauwii in belgium!!! i hav started reeding the buks and i dont reely no wot they are abowt yet it seems to mostly be a bunch of unrelayted wurds strung together sort of like the faymus nonsense buk portrat of the artist as a yung man but if dada cud finish the broke cycle i can finish the oxford inglish dikshonerry!!! but enuf abowt that lets luk at the loot wot kaym in the mayl!!!

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The Da Vizsla Code

Having successfully set Spiny Norman on his way to a new career as a Top Gun pilot, I have returned to my regular life as a distinguished professor of archeology at the university.  I had planned to resume my work of encouraging young minds to think and ask questions, but little did I know that I would soon be embroiled in a vast and dark conspiracy the likes of which the world had never seen before …

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