I Heard It On The SmurfChain

Mouse: “All right, Producer Smurf, you called this meeting so you have the floor.”
Producer Smurf: “Smurfy! I’m going to smurf the floor to Blockchain Smurf.”

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Clown Hall Debate


Russian Hacker: “Lord Putin, per your instructions, we have modified the instant poll software for the American Presidential debate.”
Vladimir Putin: “Excellent. Now leave me alone with my Precious for a bit. I just fished it out of the lava pool into which some fool dropped it.”

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wen life hands yoo lemons or emty kitty litter bags yoo mayk lemonayd!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as i am shoor yoo ar all awayr my sister trouble the kitty went away a fyoo weeks ago thus interrupting my eksplorayshun of the misteeryus sivilizayshun off the koast of kalifornya having mayd my way bak to the maynland to attend her memoryal serviss and the reeding of the wil i am now attemting to finans a reeturn trip to the abandond iland of catalinatlantis!!! how am i dooing that yoo ask??? wel lets just say it is capitalizm at its finast!!!

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