Time And Restaurant Dimensions In Space

Lulu: “I thought you said we wouldn’t get kicked out of restaurants if we wore yellow hats.”
Alternate Spicoli: “I did say that, guv! But I didn’t say we wouldn’t get kicked out if your cat climbed on the decor.”
Java Bean: “This table looks like a giant marrow bone …”

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Bye Bye Big Dog

Lulu: “… and so please let us apologize once again for the confusion about your stuffies, Mr. Giant Dog, sir.”
Chaplin (whispering): “Don’t forget to ask him about the bacon.”
Java Bean (whispering): “If you want to know about bacon, you come out here and ask him.”
Big Dog: “I can hear you whispering.”

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Not Overheard Around The Multiverse

Chaplin: “So, listen, I know you giant stuffies think you’re doing me a great honor by offering me a carrot and an acorn, but what we’re really looking for is bacon.”
Java Bean: “Or chorizo!”
Chaplin: “Bacon, or chorizo. Do you have any giant stuffie friends who carry either of those?”
Lulu: “Don’t forget, this is supposed to be a safari. We’re supposed to find the stuffies ourselves.”
Chaplin: “Lulu, please. They think I’m a god. Gods don’t hunt. We collect offerings.”
Lulu: “Do they think you’re a god, or do you think you’re a god?”
Chaplin: “Do you really have to ask?”
Lulu: “No, not really.”

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Are You A … ?

Java Bean: “Lulu looks worried. Does that mean I should be worried?”
Chaplin: “Not at all. This giant stuffie is offering me an acorn, so clearly it considers me to be some kind of god.”

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Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* We have arrived at a Multiversal destination that has stuffies, if you would like to disembark.”
Java Bean: “Whoa, hey, nobody is disembarking anybody around here!”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Let’s see this destination on the display first before we exit.”

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Into The Stuffie-Verse

Chaplin: “All right, you’ve had the box long enough. Now it’s my turn to sit in there.”
Charlee: “I reserved the box for six hours, I’m sitting in the box for six hours.”
Chaplin: “Reserved the box? Where did you that?”
Charlee: “On the box signup sheet that I made and then hid so you wouldn’t find it.”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s such a big box, friend Hipsters. Surely you can sit in it together.”
Charlee & Chaplin: “No.”

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Time And Relative Dimensions In Stuffies

Java Bean: “Vermin pointed out that you didn’t actually say there was no such place as Stuffiland. You just said the smurf didn’t get the prizes from there.”
Mouse: “Please don’t tell me you’re taking advice from Vermin these days.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty mouse! Stop calling me Vermin! And they could do worse than to take advice from me!”
Mouse: “Yes, that’s true, they could be taking advice from Dennis or Trouble.”

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