Put This Thumb To The Test

Mouse: “All right, the first test of your thumb functionality will be opening this can of dog food.”
Lulu: “Come on, Blue! You can do it!”
Producer Smurf: “I smurf thumbs too, you know, and no one is smurfing all over me about it.”
Spicoli: “No you don’t, dude. You have four fingers that all look the same. Besides, you never let go of your megaphone or your little book.”

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Game Change

Lulu: “So I take it the guys in the suits are in this cabinet?”
Blue: “Yes they are. Say, are those cupcakes?”
Charlee: “You really like stalking people around kitchens, don’t you?”
Blue: “Well, you know, if something makes you famous, you stick with it.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Why is that nasty Blue still here? She’s obnoxious, she has too many teeth, all she ever does is talk about food, and she’s not even really a bird!”

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TROG Legacy

Having evidently been digitized by a bolt of lightning and bodily transferred into the iPhone, I now find myself in the curious position of being a dog in the body of a human — or rather, a computerized rendition of a human. Although this situation interests me from an techno-anthro-canopological standpoint, I do have more pressing concerns at the moment. For instance, in a digital world, where does one find stuffies? Plus there is the small matter of the impending Disc Match of Death …

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its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel its that time of week agin yes its the sunday awards and meem show!!!  first up we hav this award wot wuz given to me by my gud frend pink daisy:


i am told that this award sez yore blog is a dreem wot rimes with meem wot is wot this award also kind of is!!!  it sez i am suppozed to giv seven byooty tips and then pass this along to seven of my frends so they can giv seven byooty tips and eech of them wil pass it along to seven of there frends hoo wil eech giv seven byooty tips and before long we wil hav akyoomyoolayted almost as menny byooty tips as yoo mite find on one or two paydjes of the faymus soodosientifik jurnal cosmopolitan!!!  so let me begin with my efforts to byootify the wurld ok heer goze:

  1. evrybuddy luks gud in a hat i recomend a fedora altho dada seems to like his tilley hat better for sum reezon
  2. regyoolar baths in wich mama rubs yoo all over with coconut oyl wil keep yore fur luking sleek and glossy
  3. its gud to be color koordinayted for instanse vizsla dogs hav rust colord fur and noses and claws and eyes so i wood sugjest paynting yore nails and yore nose and waring colord contact lenzez to match yore hare color
  4. sumtimes yoo shud miks up yore luk by covering up yore collar with a bandanna
  5. for a nice firm tushie mayk shoor to wag yore tale at all times
  6. always ware protektiv ekwipment wen playing sports so that yoo can avoyd unsitely skrapes and broozes
  7. fresh cut grass is gud for keeping yore pads soft and suppel

ok so those ar my byooty tips now lets pass this along to seven others hoo can help keep us byootiful ok heer goze:

ok so mutch for keeping the wurld byootiful now lets moov on to this nekst award wot wuz custom dezined by my talented frend the purpel hatter:


as yoo can see this award is ……. ummmmm oh wayt that is the best female blogger award wot i dont think is for me hang on a sekund wile i figger this owt ok this is the wun i wuz suppozed to tayk:


as yoo can see this award sez i play a meen geetar wich is of korse troo altho not having thums mayks it hard to hit the wammy bar ennyway purple hatter wud like to giv theez awards to enny of this frends so go grab them if yoo want them!!!  just remember purple hatters blog is not for reeding wile at wurk or wile under the aydj of ateteen!!!  thats like too and a haf in dog yeerz so i am allowd to reed it tho!!!  ok bye