hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel owr trip to dennis massachewsits has run into a bit of a snag on akkownt of a krooz ship beeing ware it shudnt hav ben but we ar finaly mayking progress chek it owt!!!

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The Goon Squad

Having been unable to shake the amphibious creature that has latched onto our group, and having failed to convince it to eat that kid Data who wanted to put me in a cage, we have resolved to simply ignore it and continue trying to find our way to the pirate treasure. Unfortunately, after being plunged into the underground pool, we have become disoriented in the tunnels; but finally we find a shaft leading to the surface, which allows us to get our bearings. And also, perhaps, to get lunch.

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top secret dog park expozd

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel for sum time now we hav been heering roomers abowt a top secret dog park sumware neerby but misteeryusly nobody seemd to no ware it wuz or how to git their peepul hoo had been their sed they cudnt remember eksactly ware it wuz and other peepul hoo noo peepul hoo noo peepul hoo had been their had sum vayg ideea that it mite be in this spot or in that spot or maybe this other spot but stil nuthing definit but finaly dada fownd sum pikchers of it online and then yoozing sum secret hi tek spy teknolody calld googul maps he lukd all ovr the area until he saw sumthing from the satalite that resembuld the pikchers from the grownd so then we all piled in the car and went their and gess wot???  dada had fownd it!!!

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