Donnie Thinks Vacuum

Donnie: “All you have to do is toot into the intake. I’ve positioned your jars under the outlet. It’ll be maximal toot transfer with minimal toot tapering.”
Chaplin: “Nobody around here is a big fan of vacuum cleaners.”
Donnie: “Good thing we’re not cleaning anything!”
Tucker: “Vacuum cleaners don’t scare me. I’m ready when you are.”

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Baby You Can Toot My Jar

Tucker: “That was a nice nap, but why are you cats here? And what’s with the empty jars? I prefer jars with food in them.”
Charlee: “Well, in the future, people will buy toots in jars over the Internet. So we came back to the past to collect some.”

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Jar Jar Stinks

Spicoli: “Can I come out of the vacuum hood now, dude?”
Chaplin: “I think it’d be better for everyone if you stayed in there a little while longer.”
Mouse: “So what’s next in your quest to sell toots in a jar?”
Charlee: “Well since Lulu refuses to participate and Spicoli’s toots are questionable at best, and we don’t have any other dogs handy, I guess we’re out of luck.”
Producer Smurf: “Look at all the smurfy colors!”

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Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Brand New Toot Refiner In The Morning

Spicoli: “You Hipster dudes seem to have remodeled the secret kitty lab a little bit.”
Producer Smurf: “Yeah, what are all these tubes and vials and glass bottles for? It doesn’t look very smurfy if you ask me.”

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