Wing Stop

Lulu: “Say, I couldn’t help but notice that the house is full of moths and butterflies.”
Charlee: “Yeah, isn’t it great?”
Chaplin: “No matter how many you jump at and catch, there are still more!”

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mama and dada went to see wurld and all i got wuz nuthing!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wile dadas mama and dada were heer visitting they all got to go owt and see the wunderful sites of suthern kalifornya inklooding see wurld in the mithikal sitty of sandy eggo and wot did i git to do??? i got to stay home!!! but of korse beeing a verry enterpizing set of dogs we konspired to partisipayt despite beeing lokd in the howse with no car keys chek it owt!!!

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Roamin’ Holiday

After the repairs that Mr. Scott effected to the navigation system of the Doghouse of Justice, I had hoped to be able to navigate it as expertly as I did the original version which was, sadly, destroyed by dinosaurs last year.  However, it appears that something in the circuitry still is not working properly.  It has returned me to the correct place, but nowhere near the correct time …


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