The Tour, Day 4: The Patio & Beyond

Lulu: “Now this is the patio, which is the gateway to the backyard, where … Hmm, I don’t remember that rustic bean bag chair being here before.”
Java Bean: “Oh I brought those with me from Mexico.”

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The Tour, Day 3: Cats

Lulu: “So, Java Bean, these are the cats. Remember, you met them in the conference room at the end of your interview?”
Java Bean: “Yes, of course. One of them is a boy and one of them is a girl but they both have beards so it’s hard to tell which is which.”
Chaplin: “A beard? As if. I have a soul patch, thank you very much.”

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dogs abowt town!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after my imadjinaree toor of the faymus boo park in the mithikal sitty of carbondale i thawt it wood be nice to shayr sum pikchers of an akchooal toor arownd oshunside!!! i hav not ben going to the harbor so mutch on akkownt of it is toorist seezun witch duz not meen we git to hunt them ha ha it meens they go to the beetch and the harbor and spend green paypers but they do not giv the green paypers to me so as far as i am konsernd they ar just in the way!!! but i digress!!! my poynt wuz that trixie and i hav ben going on short toors of owr ded end street insted of going to the harbor!!!  tucker stil duz not hav the enerdjee for wawking mutch so he has ben holding down the fort at home!!!

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ninja hedjhogs looze agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as i ekspekted the mareenz hav triumfd over the ninja hedjhogs attempt to burn down camp pendeltun the fire is now seventy persent contaynd wich meenz that their is no chanse at all that it wil reech the doghowse of justiss so thanks to evrywun hoo wuz wurreed abowt us!!!

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