Caturday Matinee: Training Day

Dada’s note: Charlee, Chaplin, and Lulu are continue to have managed interactions with each other while we work to convince Chaplin that Lulu is an acceptable addition to the house. (Charlee and Lulu are already cool, because they’re both chill ladies.) This involves having everyone together in the same room for increasingly long times while they get cookies and practice being calm. Guess which animal is best at that …

If you guessed Charlee, then you chose … wisely.

(Not Quite) Strangers When We Meet

Note: Video starts with relatively loud sound, then quiets down.

This meeting comes after several weeks of preparing Dennis for it.  Here’s guest writer Dennis’s Mama to explain how that was done.

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Wage Slave Wednesday: Workin’ For A Livin’

Dada’s Note:  Although Dennis is no longer able to really run or jump or enjoy the sorts of dog sports he used to do, he still loves to learn and is always eager to work for treats.  He just does it in a lower impact fashion these days …

to the jolly rancher!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wile my mimmier and pippier and auntie ar visitting us i thawt yoo mite like to see sum futtadj of a trip wot trixie and i took to the faymus restawrawnt the jolly rancher at oshunside harbor ware i praktissd not having peepul come over to pet me chek it owt!!!

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at the harbor!!! on new yeerz day!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may hav notisd i hav not ben going to the harbor so mutch laytly on akkownt of mama sez i hav ben beeing a froot loop however over the krismas brake mama has ben tayking me to sit in the meedian and watch the peepul going bye and then on noo yeerz day i got a speshul treet trixie came to the harbor to help me with my trayning chek it owt!!!

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dogs abowt town!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after my imadjinaree toor of the faymus boo park in the mithikal sitty of carbondale i thawt it wood be nice to shayr sum pikchers of an akchooal toor arownd oshunside!!! i hav not ben going to the harbor so mutch on akkownt of it is toorist seezun witch duz not meen we git to hunt them ha ha it meens they go to the beetch and the harbor and spend green paypers but they do not giv the green paypers to me so as far as i am konsernd they ar just in the way!!! but i digress!!! my poynt wuz that trixie and i hav ben going on short toors of owr ded end street insted of going to the harbor!!!  tucker stil duz not hav the enerdjee for wawking mutch so he has ben holding down the fort at home!!!

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