Lulu’s Life Tips: Keeping House

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! This week’s life tip is maybe a little late, but it’s about spring cleaning. You know, when you kind of let the housework go over the winter because it’s winter and it’s dark and gloomy and nobody is coming over anyway so why bother, am I right?

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Spicoli: “Yo, mousie dude, any luck locating Chaplin’s microchip yet?”
Mouse: “Not yet. I just uploaded the worm and it’s starting to search for other computers and IoT devices to infect and use to search for Chaplin.”
Vermin: “HISS! Now we have to walk on nasty wood chips?! I didn’t sign up for this!”
Mr. Nibbles: “But it’s such a nice day. And aren’t the trees pretty?”
Producer Smurf: “Boooooring.”

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Lu The Guajome Regional Park!

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! This week we had something called “Independence Day”, which is a day when Mama and Dada don’t work and the television gets played really loud in the evening while treats rain from the sky for no apparent reason. But before the television and the treats, there was a little road trip to a park that the other dogs who used to live here used to go to!


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Greetings, quivering civilians! This is Saya the Mighty, checking in from points north. Did you know that we have tree squirrels up here? DID YOU? Well, we do. They sit in their trees and they taunt us. DIE, TREE RATS!


a skolarly treetis on the importanse of treez!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay reesently wen i wuz going thru dadas emayls lukking for messadjes abowt unklaymd funds in afrikan bank akkownts and other valyooabul offerz i kaym akross this emayl frum a playse calld green gestures chek it owt!!!

One Blog, One Tree

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.54.29 AM

now obviusly this emayl must be referring to my blog on akkownt of dada is a notorius tree merderer wot with all his silly buks he rote wot ar printed on payper wot is mayd owt of ded trees!!! beesides hoo better to diskuss the importanse of trees then a dog??? so lets reevyoo all the ways wot treez benefit the wurld ok heer goze!!!

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To The Arbor

Hello good readers. This is Tucker the Much Better Vizsla than Dennis. Lately there has been a lot of talk about my health problems, but I do still have my good days. This was one of them. It started when Mama and Dada were going to the garden center to buy some trees. I wanted to go with them and help pick plants.

My keen senses tell me that this door leads outside.

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to the harb … wayt ware ar we???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it has ben verry chilly and rainee heer laytly and so we hav not gottin to go to the harbor in a wile but on satterday mama and dada pakd me and trixie into the kar and we tuk a ride so i think it must be a harbor trip!!! i meen ware else wud we go!!! i am not shoor why we ar driving in the opposit direkshun frum the oshun but i am shoor it is just sum sort of misunderstanding!!!

this is not the harbor!!! their ar trees evryware and no botes or seegulz!!!

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me vs the kranky turtel!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd abowt a turtel wot wuz taypd to sum balloons heer in oshunside wel it terns owt he is sum sort of intrepid eksplorer turtel and is also verry kranky chek it owt!!!

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my buddy todd!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo may hav wunderd ware we wer going in that viddyo ware mama so kroolly mayd us wayt at the door wel i can tel yoo we wer going to see my buddy todd!!! now hoo is my buddy todd yoo ask??? wel my buddy todd isnt a hoo its more of a wot kind of like mongo frum the faymus dokyoomentry blayzing saddels eksept wareaz mongo wuz just a verry lardj man my buddy todd is a park check it owt it has got trees:

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a skolarly treetis on wot can and cant klime treez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog it seemz there haz ben sum reesent confyoozhun abowt wot can and cant clime treez and so i hav prepard this skolarly treetis to kleer this matter up wunse and for all ok heer goze

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Bunnies Climb Trees, Right?

So the other day I noticed that Trixie was standing under the smaller almond tree, staring up into the branches with a hopeful look on her face and wagging her tail.  Apparently she thought she had treed something.  I went out to find out what she was looking at.  A couple of crows were in our big silk floss tree and the neighbor’s evil eucalyptus, cawing and chattering and generally making an enormous racket, so I thought maybe there was a baby crow in the tree.  But no, there was nothing at all; Trixie was staring eagerly at a completely unoccupied branch.  No baby crow, no squirrel, nothing.  Yet she was convinced there was something there, even when I bent the branch down to show her it was empty.

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