thursday tucker updayt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer is a kwik updayt on tucker!!!  the majikal ultrasownd did not show ennything to do with his condishun just a small toomer on his adreenal gland wotever that is apparently that is just sumthing to keep an eye on but not to wurry abowt!!!  so the peepul at the emerjensee vetnameez playse think the reezon for his sudden relaps is that the antibiotik wuz not storng enuf to stop the bad things in wotever he ayt yesterday!!!  he is dooing better today with a stronger antibiotik calld flagyl and anti nawzea pils and more chikkin and rice mmm chikkin!!!  he can keep the rice tho ha ha ennyway we ar hoping that the flagyl wil sukseed ware the amoksisillin faild!!!  thank evrywun for the gud wishes yesterday i shoor hope tucker has lernd his lessen after all this but i dowt it!!!  ha ha ok bye