hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

i think i menshund wunse that my brudder tucker had sumthing rong with him he duznt hav much enerjy and after he plays for a littel wile he gets tired and then he starts twitching all over sumtimes he almost falls down they thawt the thyroyd medisin wood help but it reely hasnt so they tested him for other things i cant pronowns like addisons diseez but he didnt hav that now their testing him for sumthing calld my … myas … myasthenia gravis witch is an “awto-immyoon disordr” that sumtimes affects your thyroyd mama is very worreed abowt him becuz he seems to be getting worse she sed she mite take him to a nooroljist witch i gess is like the man in the wite coat at the noodel place only more expensiv

ennyway i am a littel bit worreed that sinse i came heer evry singul wun of my new brudders and sisters has gotten sick eksept for trixie and wun of them even went away im starting to think this place is bad luck or sumthing and oooooooh mama has green tripe for me gotta go bye!!!!!!