i’m okay

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well yesterday mama and dada went to the beech to play in the oshun i cudnt go becuz dogs are not allowd on the beech (more owtrajus diskriminashun!!!!) but ennyway mama and dada left me owt of the krate agin wile they were gawn so that wuz nise and i didnt destroy ennything then wen mama and dada came home i went owt to greet them and before i noo it this wite pit bull came running over from across the street and attakd me it tuk me by surprize and bit me on the chest before i manajd to eskape and run bak into the howse mama grabbed the pit bulls coller and held onto her wile dada rownded up tucker and trixie and got them bak into the howse i dont think tucker and trixie even noo wot happend wich is gud becuz tucker woodve gotten a bad case of the vapers and trixie probably woodve tried to protekt me and then hoo nos wot wood have happend

ennyway i just hav a small bite on my chest i wuz a gud boy and held still for mama wile she put on the ant … antisep … well sum kind of stuf thats supposed to be gud for injoories she also calld sum place calld animal control and they are going to come owt to check papers on me and the pit bull i no i hav papers but the pit bull doesnt hav enny tags so we will see i think she may be wun of those undocumented types that ive herd abowt maybe she will be deported i think that wood mayk mama happy becuz this isnt the first time those naybors hav let their pit bulls run loose mama and dada sed that they stil think most pit bulls are sweet but sinse theez owners dont soshalize there dogs verry well they shood be extra kareful not to let them get loose persunally i think soshalism is a discredited filosofy but mama and dada ar frum the mithical land of noo york and yoo no how noo yorkers ar

well ennyway just in case yoo saw news of this attak on cnn (it is always big nooze when a selebritty like me is attakd) i wanted to ashoor evrywun that i am fine and in order to mayk me feel better mama is tayking me owt to the vetnamese playse agin today and … hay … wate … i dont want enny more noodels mama!!!!  ok bye