misteeryus pakajez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it wuz verry nice to heer how much evrywun likes to reed abowt wot i am up to i am sorry i wuz gawn all yesterday if dada wer a normal persun hoo just yoozd gnome like evrywun else hoo runs ubuntu then i wood hav ben abel to post but no he has to tweek this and that and the other thing and install sumthing calld pekwm jeez yoo wood think he wuz yoozing gentoo or sumthing he is such a nerd ha ha

wel ennyway wile i was in … incommun … wile i wuz beeing kept off the compyooter, a kuple of verry larj and misteeryus pakajez arrivd at the howse:

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dada is tayking his compyooter apart agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel dada is dooing sumthing with a noo compyooter wot he got from a store neerby calld geeks dot com tucker sez it is an “upgrayd” and that dada duz this frum time to time and he hasnt dun it in fore or five yeerz i am not shoor wot an “upgrayd” is eksept that evidently it meenz i mite be slow with the posting and commenting for a littel wile persunaly i think it is verry rood of dada to skedjool an upgrayd withowt diskusing it with me first but yoo no how hyoomans ar they think it is all abowt them ha ha ok bye