What Could It Be?

Charlee: “Did you see that?”
Chaplin: “I did see it.”
Charlee: “It climbed right up the side of the hamper like some sort of alien creature.”
Chaplin: “I know. I told you, I saw it.”

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The Hotel Room of Horror

Lulu: “I’m not sure what’s most horrifying here, the carpet, the bedspread, or the upholstery.”
Blue: “Don’t forget the wallpaper.”
Java Bean: “I think it’s the ‘No Dogs On Furniture’ sign.”

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Yo, Vacancy

Aragorn: “Your new palace is very nice, Gimli. Perhaps not quite so spacious as Ered Luin or Kazad-dûm, but fewer balrogs, so there’s that.”
Jack Torrance: “Uh-huh. It’s got a nice ballroom, too.”

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A Mountain Retreat

Lulu: “Well there’s definitely plenty of snow! I don’t see much death though.”
Blue: “Maybe whoever lives over there can give us directions.”
Aragorn: “That resort wasn’t here last time …”

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Snow & Death

Aragorn: “We must fly to mighty Caradhras, where we shall find snow and death in equal abundance.”
Lulu: “All right! Um, what is Caradhras?”
Aragorn: “It is a great and terrible mountain!”
Java Bean: “Hey, a mountain! Lulu, that’s just where the mouse said we should go!”
Aragorn: “Your friend must be very wise. Why do they call him the mouse?”
Lulu: “Because he is literally a mouse.”
Aragorn: “Oh. Perhaps Radagast knows him then.”

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An Up or Down Vote

Mouse: “I strongly suggest just heading up to the mountains instead of going all the way to Death Valley.”
Lulu: “What do you think? Mountains, or Death Valley?”
Java Bean: “Well, I mean, the mouse is supposed to be el inteligente, so …”

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That’s Quite A Rash You’ve Got There

Ron Burgundy: “… And in local news, officials have been investigating a rash of disappearing Christmas ornaments.”
Chaplin: “Ooh, a rash. Sounds itchy.”

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Lies, Blatant Lies …

Blue: “Cat food? No, I. haven’t been stealing cat food. Do you think I should?”
Chaplin: “No, you definitely shouldn’t. Cat food tastes terrible. Blecch.”
Blue: “Then why do you cats eat it?”
Charlee: “We just like to suffer.”

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J’Accuse Part Deux

Spicoli: “Come on, little dudes, do you really think I would steal food out of the mouths of kitties?”
Charlee: “Well I mean you do seem to have the munchies all the time.”

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Extraordinary Claims …

Mouse: “All right, so, you claim that you three versions of Lulu, Chaplin, and Bean are from an alternate dimension?”
Lulu: “That’s correct.”

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