Throwback (Dennis, Plus Other Dog Park Visitors) Thursday: Go In The Water? Are You Insane???

Picture taken October 25, 2008

Dada’s Note: I’m pretty sure the white labs are Dennis’s old friends from the “Dogs with Blogs” days, Joey and Kealani.

Classic Dennis: The War on Santa

As has become a holiday tradition around here, this Christmas Eve I am re-running one of Dennis’s classic adventures, when he, Tucker, and Trouble resorted to extreme measures in an attempt to get off the “Naughty” list, while Trixie tried to keep everything from going off the rails. As usual, nothing went as planned …

By the way, I’m pretty sure the Santa stuffie appearing in this post is the one whose buried glove Lulu and Bean somehow managed to unearth out in the yard.

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Classic Dennis: The Battle of Thanksgiving

Today, in keeping with our holiday tradition, we present a repeat showing of a classic adventure starring Dennis, Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble. This series originally appeared back in 2009. Happy Thanksgiving!

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