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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Something Soothes The Savage Beast

  Video taken August 3, 2013 Dada’s Note: Dennis is still (mostly) willing to eat his new prescription kibble, though he no longer wants tripe of any kind, fresh or canned. At his last weigh-in he had lost another pound. The consensus is that… Continue Reading “Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Something Soothes The Savage Beast”

The Great Debate Begins

Opossum: “HISSS! Nasty Presidential Debate Committee can’t even fulfill a simple request for a bowl of mealworms in the green room! I kill them. I kill them all!” Dennis: “Why do they call it the green room, anyway? It’s not green. It’s more of… Continue Reading “The Great Debate Begins”

Is It Sunday Already?

* Dennis is listening to the Master’s Voice noise desensitization program.

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