the wall

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo may hav red we all got skunkd agin eksept for tucker becuz he wuz too slow ha ha better luck nekst time tucker ennyway their ar too mane wayz for dogs to get owt of the howse heer their is the sliding door in the kitchen and the dog door in the bedroom wen it gets dark the door in the kitchen is yoozhually closed up tite but in the bedroom mama and dada like to let the air in and so they leev the skreen door open in the summer and wot we fownd owt is that if yoo run at a skreen door reely fast like for instanse if their is a skunk owtside yoo will bust thru the skreen and keep going howevr mama and dada calld this an unawthorizd dog door and they did this to stop us:

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