Do You Have A License For Your Poetic?

Dennis: “What are you two doing up here on the window sill?”
Chaplin: “Sunbathing.”
Charlee: “And getting caught up on some reading.”

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Sunday Flashback: How Much Was That Doggy In The Window?

Hello nice readers, Dennis’s Dada here again. We here in the mythical city of Oceanside would like to thank all our friends for the outpouring of tail wags and purrs from the POTP during Tucker’s last fight, and for all the touching tributes, thoughts, and memories everyone left about Tucker to help us mark his passing. My father sent me this old picture of Tucker in his prime, sitting on the window seat (which Dennis later destroyed) behind the chaise lounge (which Dennis later destroyed), looking out through the vertical blinds (which Dennis later destroyed) to take stock of his domain (which Dennis later des … wait, no, that’s still there, mostly) like a prince (which Tucker was). We’re sure Tucker is back in this young, strong, healthy body as he steals treats from everyone’s table up at the Rainbow Bridge.

“Is Mama opening the refrigerator?”

Oh, I almost forgot about the question posed in the title of the post. The correct answer would, of course, be “priceless”.

is it stil a windo seet if its not in the windo?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel sinse mama and dada desided to rearraynj the furnitcher in the living rum i thawt i wood help owt and moov the windo seet for them altho as trixie layter poynted owt to me its not a windo seet if its not in the windo but reely wots a windo but a stayt of mind rite???  wow thats deep i must be a filosofer or sumthing just like dada

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