its the sunday awards and meem and art and myoozik show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog coming to yoo over the sub etha data interstellur netwurk to preezent this weeks awards and meem and art and myoozik show!!!  we hav lots of awards this week and of korse myoozik is a hole noo kategorry for the show wich is gitting to have a long naym so i am thinking of renayming it to sumthing like doglith fare ha ha ok lets git started and — oh hang on sumbuddy is nokking on the door of the chikkin koop sawser let me go see hoo it is

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The Envelope, Please

On the “Best … Tag … Ever” post, TwoBarkingDogs mentioned an envelope for eliminating the “tag jinglies” associated with a dog’s rabies, identification, and license tags, and then I mentioned that Tucker used to have such an envelope.  I was pretty sure I had a picture of him wearing it, and lo and behold, I had already uploaded it a while back, for use in the Snow Puppy post.

Note the blue nylon pouch — that’s where his tags lived when he was a young pup.  It definitely eliminated the jingles!  Plus, he could use it to carry his cigarettes.