In The News

Veronica Corningstone: “… In other news, local cyber authorities are still investigating the source of a mysterious computer worm that recently spread throughout the region’s systems.”
Charlee: “Hey, Mouse, check it out, they’re talking about you on the news.”
Mouse: “It’s not necessarily my worm they’re talking about. There have been lots of high-profile security breaches lately.”

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Charlee: “Are you still working on that worm to hijack all the local computers to find Chaplin’s microchip?”
Mouse: “It’s finally finished. I just activated its tracing function so within a few minutes it should give us his location.”

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Spicoli: “Yo, mousie dude, any luck locating Chaplin’s microchip yet?”
Mouse: “Not yet. I just uploaded the worm and it’s starting to search for other computers and IoT devices to infect and use to search for Chaplin.”
Vermin: “HISS! Now we have to walk on nasty wood chips?! I didn’t sign up for this!”
Mr. Nibbles: “But it’s such a nice day. And aren’t the trees pretty?”
Producer Smurf: “Boooooring.”

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email lottery

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i am still wayting for my munny frum thoze nice african bankers i dont no wot the holdup is but it is probably sumthing to do with the price of gasoline ennyway i think my ship has finaly come in becuz i hav wun the microsoft email lottery!!!!

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